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Bosfor Travel, Sefton, NSW

Client Needs

A reliable one stop shop to cater for his requirements for both inside andoutside refurbishment to his Coach and other coaches from his fleet. Quotes preparedin good time and discussed with Client to ensure that all options are discussed to coverClients needs. The ability to book a coach in for minor repairs and retrofits whilst coachis touring through Brisbane and a spare day or two are available to complete the work.To be able to pick up the phone and talk directly with the Managing Director and get suggestions and latest techniques on bus upgrades in the full knowledge that he hasexperience and credentials to back up his suggestions and last but not least that thecompany motto ‘ Attention to detail and quality finish’ is a hallmark of the company.

January 2008, Client discusses Quote for refurbishment, both internal and external, to an Austral Denning body coach.

A quote covering:-

  • Recovering 48 seats and 2 modesty rails;
  • Replace trim ceiling section;
  • Remove parcel rack, strip, re-trim and refit;
  • Strip A/c duct, cut holes for new overhead consoles and re-trim;
  • Remove sill capping, strip, re-trim and refit;
  • Remove armrest inserts, re-trim and refit;
  • Remove side windows and clean;
  • Reapply blackout primer; refit glass and seal joints;
  • Remove excess sealer from window apertures;
  • Sand down frames;
  • Back fill stretch panel and re-bond to frame work.

On acceptance of quote:-

  • a start date was agreed to in June and the coach was scheduled into the Transfab work program.

On the delivery of the coach to Transfab, the owner, and the Managing Director of Transfab, Leonard MUNN agreed to extra work over above what was quoted. A list of these was drawn up including Paint and panel repairs.

Coach on shop floor:-

Step 1

Job description sheet filled out generally in order of tasks to be done and numbered, which in the main is how the quote was done. Task 1 was to remove seats and modesty rails and transfer them to seat upholstering department.

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